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It also gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you are good at as well as what you are not so good at, so that you can see what areas you can improve in. Professional development is an opportunity…. Login Join. Home Page Professional Development Essay example.

Professional Development Essay example Submitted By wmirza2. Open Document. Professional development is an art and understanding obtained for both personal development and occupational advancement. It comprises of all types of coaching, technical training, seminars, workshops, conferences and other learning opportunities.

Talking about engineering profession, professional development has become a mandatory subject to keep a pace with the rapid technological developments and to comprehend the ongoing sophisticated inventions, which means life-long learning has become more and more important for engineers. A… Show More. Related Documents: Professional Development Essay example. Leadership and Professional Development Plan Essay leadership style. It also… Words - Pages 4. Education and Professional Development Essay personal and professional development Task 1 Within this assessment I will analyze my reflective practice to continuing my professional development, give some examples of how I have used this approach during the programme and identify some of my future professional development needs and draw up an action plan to implement some of these development needs.

History of Education and Professional Development Essay Traditional methods of professional development Traditional methods of professional development include workshops, learning communities, and college classes at a doctoral level.

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Each community is different in many… Words - Pages The purpose of this report is to assess the importance of Co-operative Education and its use as a learning model in the professional growth of students… Words - Pages CPD… Words - Pages 6. Understanding the Principle of Professional Development Essay SHC 52 Understand the principles of professional development In order to develop our knowledge further we must be able to reflect on our current practice.

Personal Development Review and Plan

It… Words - Pages 6. Essay on Promote Professional Development Unit 2 Promote professional development The importance of professional knowledge and practice with in the role of a social care worker is so that they can be kept up to date with all the changes. Each person within the team should been given an opportunity to develop further… Words - Pages 5. One event which guided me a lot in developing my employability abilities was the Charity event that was organised at Regent about four months ago.

Since I was always keen to get engaged in charitable events, it offered me a chance to make some valuable contribution for the society.

Essay about Professional Development Plan for Nursing Graduate

The event was organised for handicapped children so that they can have a day full of entertainment and fun. The money raised in the whole event was to be given to this organisation so that they can manage their operational activities. This event took place in the month of December for celebrating the Christmas Day with these special children.

I was given the responsibility of managing the operational activities for the whole event from the venue selection to the final selection of the food and beverages. In my team, there were about five members and we had to report to the head of Administration department of Regent who was responsible for providing us with the finance required for this function. Although every team member was keen to do something worthwhile but none of them was willing to take responsibility of the catering service.

One person was assigned the task of finalising the venue by the end of November, other was responsible for decoration arrangements, third person was given the responsibility of planning about the inventory requirements and last one was assigned the task of recording and making reports of the things accomplished on daily basis. Finally, I decided to look into the catering arrangements so that there was adequate supply of refreshments along with other mandatory supplies.

During this project, I learnt the art of getting the things done by the subordinates along with setting goals with each team member. It is important to do critical analysis of the situation so that the problems can be handled effectively.


It even assisted me in developing my initiative taking ability and I was able to take everyone on the right track. All small and big problems were handled appropriately so that the organisation was able to accomplish its task successfully. Hence, we were able to effectively manage the event operational activities on the final day with perfection and there was no shortage of supplies.

Since the modules allowed me to learn the techniques of handling different people and working along cordially with the group members, a hands-on experience in the internship at the leading pharmaceutical company polished my professional competencies to a great extent. As our institution assists us in finding appropriate employment opportunities in the business world, I decided to avail this opportunity during our summer vacations last year.

There is an Executive Development Officer at Regent who helps the students to get good internship in well-reputed organisations. Before the start of summer vacations, I submitted by Resume with the professional along with the specifications of my desired job. After a week of the application submission, the person called me for a meeting so that we could discuss the options available for my learning and professional development.

In the meeting, we first short-listed those options which were compatible with my requirements and then analysed them comprehensively. Finally, we agreed on applying for internship at two organisations and successfully got internship within one of them.

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It even allowed me to understand the difficulties which are encountered by the personnel of this department. The primary purpose of these tasks was to do critical analysis and suggest recommendations for solving the problems. These assignments helped me in evaluating the factors which are considered prudent for the operational field as there are many aspects which can impact the working of the pharmaceutical companies.

Likewise, I was grouped with two other internees of the department and we were asked to develop a project for the new product to be launched by the company.


I had never interacted with both of these internees as we were working in entirely different divisions. However, it provided me an opportunity to acquire the initiative taking attitude along with polishing my organisational sensitivity, team working, problem solving and communication skills.

I decided to do market research online so that relevant information can be extracted about the market attractiveness, factors which can impact the new product and potential of the new product in the market. Other person decided to carry on the production planning task and the third member decided to write the report. I worked with the third group member so that we could right the entire plan along with the analysis of the whole situation. Finally, we completed the project on time and our supervisor was pleased with the professionalism of our work.

Our group was even appreciated in front of the whole organisation as we were given certificate of appreciation. Hence, this internship experience helped me in enhancing the skills which are required in my desired career path and it allowed me to gain practical experience of the field. With the help of Personal Development Planning tool along with reflection on my learning, I was able to ensure that I acquired the right set of expertise required in this career.

I also learnt that an individual has to undertake some initiatives by oneself so that the desired expertise and abilities are effectively developed. Both of my academic and professional experiences have enhanced my understanding about my relevant field and they provided me opportunities for identifying my weak areas and polishing the skills so that I am a competent professional.

In my academic life, I took every project as a challenge and an opportunity for learning. During the aforementioned experiences, I was able to develop the desired set of professional attitudes, behaviours and skills. The reflections on my learning experiences reveal that I am prepared to move ahead in the Production and Operations field as I have acquired the required competencies and expertise.

I have successfully ascertained an initiative taking attitude which is complemented by ethical sensitivity and critical analysis behaviour. The skills which have been embedded in my personality are self-management, leadership, communication, problem solving, negotiating, team working and motivating skills.

However, I still believe that learning is an iterative process and it is better to keep on acquiring the latest skills and knowledge.

I will ensure that I get engaged in professional training programs which will provide me an opportunity of learning the competencies required in my career and make a successful and flourishing career. Therefore, reflection will be done on the knowledge gained by maintaining a learning log so that the new areas of learning can be reflected upon and enhanced with the passage of time. Uni Assignment Essay Samples Nursing. Place an essay order Place a dissertation order Place a marking order Order a personal statement.