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By now, studies conducted on Fmr1 KO mice demonstrated that the reduction of mGluR5 levels can normalize protein synthesis, dendritic spines, and some behaviour [ 94 ].

Fragile X Syndrome News, Research

Drugs modulating GABA signalling could therefore be an effective therapy. Minocycline is an FDA-approved treatment for acne and is known to have inhibitory effects on matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity. It is currently under study for FXS treatment and seems to have its greatest effect in young children, where it strengthens synaptic connections and enhances cognitive development [ 96 ]. Moreover, specific pharmacological intervention is needed to address common complications, such as epilepsy, metabolic disorders and hypertension.

Going beyond treatment, an important issue to consider in the management of FXS patients is the psychological health of their parents and caregivers; both have to take care of these complicated patients in different ways, and both have been proven to suffer psychological consequences. Mental and physical health problems especially affect families with higher stress levels, and these families often have an impaired ability to manage the difficult behaviours and physical problems of their children. This leads to an increased need for intervention with caregivers at the family level [ 37 ].

On the other hand, caregivers of patients with FXS are more likely to develop comorbidities such as anxiety, depression, stress, and sleep disorders than the caregivers of patients without FXS and are also more likely to receive medications for these conditions [ 97 , 98 ].

Despite the relatively low incidence of FXS, this disease has a significant impact on parents, caregivers and entire society within which the patient lives. The poor social functioning of FXS individuals, together with the need for medication and non-pharmacological intervention, has important consequences in terms of the costs and resources employed. Predictably, the higher functioning employed group of FXS patients also has lower direct healthcare costs [ 98 ].

FXS is a well-known condition; however, most of the studies thus far have focused on its neuropsychiatric features. This review was aimed to provide an extensive overview of both the clinical and molecular features of this syndrome.

Unfortunately, some of the studies cited in this work have limitations, such as the paucity of patients enrolled and the bias due to the collection of data in a single-country population, which may not be representative of the average global FXS population. Most of the studies collected focus on FXS children; however, in recent years, insight into the adult presentation of the disease has progressively increased. Furthermore, only a few studies have been conducted including non-Caucasian populations.

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Fragile X Syndrome Research Gains Momentum

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Study gives new genetic insight to fragile X syndrome

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Aggression in fragile X syndrome. Cardiac abnormalities in the fragile X syndrome.

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