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A study of consumer behavior in Malls vis-à-vis Mom and Pop shops
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By Hari Pulakkat. Canny marketers can exploit word associations to influence consumer behaviour. Of course it depends on who you ask. If you ask someone on the street, the reply would mostly likely be that they are not related. If you ask linguists, they might reply that the two words are homophones, or words that are pronounced in similar ways. If you ask a psychologist, you would get a similar reply, but some of them might add a twist to the answer: the association of the two words through sound could be a powerful marketing tool. A few years ago, Derick Davis, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Miami, decided to investigate the use of homophones in priming.

Psychologists define priming as the increased sensitivity to a stimulus because of prior experience with something else. For example, in a sequence of words, the first word often sets the tone about how we interpret and react to the rest.

This sensitivity occurs at a subconscious level for us consumers, but marketers are intensely aware of priming and exploit it relentlessly. Davis was interested in words that were related not through meaning but sound. He did this for his PhD thesis, a shortened version of which is to be published soon in the Journal of Consumer Research. Our minds unconsciously interpret the stuff we then encounter as a good buy, and we are forced to react in a certain way and make a purchase that we did not intend to make. Priming is now an established way for marketers to influence consumer behaviour.

In some of the classic studies of priming effects, psychologist John Bargh, now at Yale University, made people read a set of words that suggested old age. They tended to walk more slowly after the experiment than those who did not read such words. Psychologists later found other associations too.

Adrian North of Curtis University in Australia found that people bought German wine when German music was played, and French wine when French music was played. And so on. Read more on Derick Davis. Yale University. Columbia University. Eric Johnson. University of Miami. Adrian North. John Bargh. A look at India's demographics further lends credibility to the retail story. India's consumer market today encompasses over million people with rising disposable incomes. Population shifts towards urban areas and income shifts towards higher income classes are key factors driving consumerism.

Also higher incomes are now in the hands of a younger population with lesser dependencies. This implies more income available for spending rather than for savings and investment. All these factors make India as a very attractive market for the retailers. Kearney report, Page Given the attractiveness of the Indian market for retail, it is no wonder that retailing already accounts for 39 per cent of India's GDP, which is quite a significant proportion if compared with other developed and developing economies.

However the proportion of retailing which is in the organized sector is still a very small portion, with penetration at 6 per cent. Organized retail itself has been growing at a frenetic pace and this growth is expected to continue at a blistering rate of approximately 35 per cent per annum till Kearney report, Page: 5. Kearney report, Page: 6. Retail as a whole can be broken into categories, depending on the type of products offered. In comparison, footwear and clothing segments boast the highest penetration of organized retail, as international brands like Nike, Reebok and Levis had started setting up shop almost a decade ago.

Phd Thesis

This segment may see further activity, given the recent government guideline allowing FDI up to 51 per cent for single brand retailing. This is apparent from the existence of exclusive brand stores as well as specialty chains for apparel, other than the upcoming hypermarkets and department stores which also stock and sell apparel.

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  • Next is food and groceries which occupies 19 per cent of the organized market share, and with increased organized retail penetration, this share is expected to move up. With a total area of about 33, km 2 12, sq mi , it is the world's ninth largest urban agglomeration. The genesis of the National Capital Region lies in the recommendations of the first Master Plan for Delhi MPD notified in wherein, a broad area consisting of the Union Territory of Delhi and a few ring towns around it was conceived for being developed as a metropolitan region to reduce the population pressure on Delhi and the growing demand for more space owing to large scale industrialization.

    The State-wise area covered under National Capital Region is as under:. Within these districts, the Board has identified several priority towns all over the region for its growth and balanced development. In addition, in order to arrest the migratory population to the region, counter-magnet areas have also been identified for accelerated growth. With the inception of NCR region, Delhi has been relieved of the burden of growing demands from corporate bodies and government establishments.

    With globalization hitting the landscape of Delhi, the city needed more expansion and a better infrastructure to meet those demands. However, with the development of satellite cities like Gurgaon and Noida, this problem was solved to a great extent. Most of the government and corporate offices found their place in these satellite cities.

    MNCs and corporate bodies from all over the world are turning their heads towards NCR sighting the availability of skilled manpower and better infrastructure along with the presence of Government and other offices in the region. Better connectivity and improved infrastructure between Delhi and NCR make life easier for commuters to reach their work place. New roads and flyovers make sure that traveling is an easy ride from Delhi to any of the satellite cities. Owing to the proximity with New Delhi, there has been a tremendous growth in the infrastructure and economy of these cities.

    States like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have benefited a lot from the recent developments in sectors like real estate, IT, ITES, manufacturing and other service industries.

    Canny marketers can exploit word associations to influence consumer behaviour - The Economic Times

    Some ten years back, these cities were like small villages with no infrastructure and basic facilities. But, the landscape has transformed completely with the construction of new shopping malls, skyscrapers, roads and flyovers. Modern style residential societies have been developed with luxury homes, apartments, flats and bungalows. Commercial buildings and offices are ever increasing owing to growing demand from foreign and domestic companies. Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad have emerged as important cities in this region.

    Mod-02 Lec-03 Market Research and Consumer Behaviour

    Gurgaon is located in the northern part of Haryana and the city's population is around 1,, as per the census. Gurgaon is the main city of the National Capital Region of Delhi because it is the home to major IT companies and provides the best infrastructure in terms of schools, roads, housing societies and medical facilities. Gurgaon is famous for its outsourcing and off shoring services that contribute the most towards the economy of Gurgaon.

    Noida is one of the most modern cities of India with world class amenities and infrastructure.

    Importance of consumer behavior

    Some of the main reasons behind the existence of these companies in Noida are the proximity of the city to Delhi and good infrastructure. Faridabad is one of the main industrial cities of Haryana. The city is bounded by Delhi on the north, Gurgaon on the west and the parts of Uttar Pradesh on the east and south. It is surrounded by river Yamuna in the east and the Aravalli hills in south and west regions. Newly developed Faridabad or New Faridabad is the most preferred destination for industries, IT companies, corporate bodies and government departments. Ghaziabad, the wild west of UP is now among the 10 most dynamic cities of the world.

    A Newsweek survey, which put the city on the global map, happened in and since then Ghaziabad has been hip and happening. In two years, it has done a complete makeover by adding malls, hi-tech cities and golf courses to its new face. Because of this Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad and Gurgaon witnessed hectic development in last ten years.