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A few years ago at Cornish Elementary school, chewing gum was banned. Kids were chewing it and not disposing of it properly. This doesn't mean it should be banned, though. Chewing gum can help kids do better in school, and sometimes in life.

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So should it really be banned? Recently, researchers did a study to see if gum helps the brain. The tests consisted of visual memory tasks for people who chew gum and people who didn't chew gum. Results showed that people who chewed gum during the test did better in some areas of cognition than people who didn't chew gum during the test. In schools nowadays, kids have to do many tests.

Chewing Gum: Its History And Types

If they chew gum during the tests they have a high chance that they will do better in the visual parts. If the schools, want this to happen they should let the kids chew gum. On the other hand, a different study showed that chewing gum helps improve concentration in audio tasks. The results showed that people who chewed gum had more accurate scores and quicker reaction time than people who didn't chew gum, especially at the end of the test. This suggests that chewing gum helps us focus on tasks that require continuous monitoring over a longer amount of time.

If the teachers at Cornish want to put this into effect, they have to let the students chew gum. It might work the best if the kids chew gum in the middle of the test so they can do well in the beginning and the end of the test. As always, please thesis statement for unemployment …. Subscribe to Squawkfox, the …. Reading List for Monetary Economics Ph. Evidence is the information that helps in the formation of a conclusion or judgment.

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Authored by Rosalind Mathews. He wants to find the perfect gift for his essays about water for elephants parents, but he can't afford persuasive essay on chewing gum in class to buy essay on lokmanya tilak in english anything his. Until then keep on chewing! The debate has a clear purpose: to present arguments for and against allowing students to chew gum in school.

Why chewing gum should be allowed at school

The debate consists of two short letters. Both include cause-and-effect and compare-and-contrast structures.

Have students read the debate a second time. Prompt them to mark the types of support the author presents to back up each side, including:. The higher-level version prompts them to bring in additional evidence and write six paragraphs, including a rebuttal of the other side.

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Argumentative Persuasive Essay Ideas

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Chewing Gum: A Student's Friend or Foe?

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