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There is a possibility of a nuclear reactor melting down due to human error or bad maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy essay

If a human is exposed to a radioactive substance then it is likely that that person and their future generations could suffer from genetic deformities. In the last 50 years there have only been two serious nuclear catastrophes: The Three Mile Island and Chernobyl In the Three Mile Island incident the radiation was contained and there were no subsequent environmental or health problems.

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There have been ten other meltdowns but they were mostly a part of a military or an experimental reactor and they did not result in any hazards on the reactor s surroundings. The first nuclear power station ever created was at Calder Hall in England [10]. It was created in and has had no operational problems since [10]. This indicates that nuclear reactors can be very safe and therefore beneficial. One of the requirements of a nuclear reactor is to ensure that a core meltdown must be restricted to the nuclear plant therefore ensuring the safety of nearby residents and the environment.

It can thus be deducted that in the event of a reactor meltdown, our safety will not be compromised therefore human or accidental error are not a devastating issue. The concern is that a terrorist will crash an airplane in to a nuclear reactor or radioactive waste plant but such nuclear facilities are some of the most terrorist attack resistant infrastructures built [6].

This is because of their robust design one meter thick walls. Analysts have conducted experiments that have proved that nuclear facilities are terrorist proof.

Pros and cons of nuclear power - Time for Change

One of the experiments includes using a Boeing and a penetrating missile when testing the strength of facility. Therefore nuclear reactors and radioactive waste facilities are not prone to terrorist attacks. The earth s supply of nuclear fuel uranium is very limited and is only expected to last for another 30 to 60 years [2]. Because of the rate of technological developments, it is likely that a new source of electricity will be discovered within 30 to 60 years.

With this in mind there is no reason to not use nuclear power in the meantime. A large disadvantage of nuclear power is that it takes about 20 to 30 years to create a nuclear power station in western democracies [2]. The planning and building is very time consuming [2]. This is not necessarily a bad thing because it decreases the chances of an error occurring which could have potentially lead to a meltdown accident or any other accidents occurring.

This could also increase the quality of the power station s construction which therefore making the nuclear power station safe to use. As can be seen from the above mentioned points, the use of nuclear power has numerous benefits, both in terms of economics and safety. One cannot deny the disadvantages to using nuclear power but there are solutions available, as showed above, that either negates the disadvantage or minimizes its severity. Therefore the advantages of using nuclear power outweigh the disadvantages by far, which makes nuclear power a safe, secure and economical option for generating of electricity.

A good number of wastes from nuclear energy are radioactive even thousands of years later since they contain both radioactive and fissionable materials. These materials are removable through a process called reprocessing which is through clearing all the fissionable materials in the nuclear fuel. Looking for essay on natural sciences?

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Nuclear Weapons, Pros and Cons

The next con of nuclear energy is the occurrence of a meltdown. A meltdown can be the worst-case scenario that can ever occur in a nuclear energy plant because its effects are deadly.

Nuclear power pros

The effects of a meltdown are very huge with estimation that radioactive contamination can cover a distance of over a thousand miles in radius. The final downturn associated with nuclear energy is radiation. Radiation mostly is associated with effects such as cancer, mutation and radiation sickness Green Energy, Inc. The society being an association that has people of diverse ideologies and faiths regarding the production and consumption of energy, and economic goods, to the good life and good society.

Nuclear energy should serve social justice and quality of life rather than being looked upon as end in it. The existence of technology is purposely for serving human needs; it can destroy people and human values, deliberately or by unintended consequences. Because of this, the technological processes are guided by values that require constant public scrutiny and discussion. Nuclear energy has implications towards the political viewpoint in that a country might wish to take advantage of its nuclear weapons to gain control of others.

This will deprive others of their democratic rights coexist within their territory without interference of intruders. In terms of the legal impacts of nuclear energy, there are regulations that gives rights to who or which organizations have the authority to own nuclear facilities. The legal implications also target what specific standards are set out for adequate protection and what risks are not acceptable. From the above discussion, in comparing the pros and cons of nuclear energy, one can conclude that as much as nuclear energy has severe effects to people and environment it also has varied benefits.

In my own viewpoint, I presume to counter with the cons rather than the pros.

It is evident what devastating effect nuclear energy has on the environment and as much as it benefits the environment through low pollution, in case of an accident and there is a meltdown the whole environment will be wiped out. Used for civilian reasons, nuclear energy provides electricity with no negative impact on the environment. Some people, therefore, believe that the advantages of nuclear power outweigh the disadvantages. Used as a weapon it has the most destructive power.

The effects of radiation have consequences for years to come. The genetic material of human beings and of plants could be damaged from exposure to radiation.

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Restoring peace and rebuilding the country after a nuclear attack can be even more difficult. The radiation can even affect people living in neighbouring countries. Today, nuclear weapons could fall in the hands of the so called rogue states or terrorist groups.