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Tag: 20 mark

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Essential Sociology – Getting Ready for Paper 1: Education

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Exams, Essays and Short Answer Questions – ReviseSociology

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Examiners use instructions to help you to decide the length and depth of your answer. State, define, what is meant by, name These normally require a short, concise answer and is often recall material that can be learned by rote. Explain, discuss Some reasoning or some reference to theory is required. It normally involves reference to both sides of a debate.

Outline, describe This implies a short response which sums up the major points of one particular theory or approach.

Identify, suggest, illustrate These words normally require you to apply your knowledge to a particular sociological problem or theory. Assess, examine, evaluate These words suggest that you should look at the strengths and weaknesses of an argument or both sides of a particular debate. You should offer judgement based on evidence.

Do read the rubric, i. Do spend 5 minutes reading through the Items and the questions.

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It is especially important to read through all the questions before attempting any of them. A common mistake is to use information to answer a question which is more appropriate to another question. Do pay special attention to the way marks are divided up between sections of data responses.

It is wasteful to write more than is required and it will impact negatively on the time left for the bigger questions. Do use the data provided in the Items whenever it is relevant to do so. Failure to use them could result in you failing to pick up marks.

Do exercise care when it comes to the interpretation of statistics, tables and diagrams especially in regard to scale. Marks are easily wasted because the candidate fails to look at how the data is organised i.

Sociology : The Function Of Sociology

Do take care in how you present sociological thinkers and theory. You need to recognise that contributions to sociological debate are a product of a specific time and place. For example, try to avoid suggesting that 19th-century sociologists are still making a regular contribution to modern sociological debate.

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These words want you to set your response in a modern context. Any reference to studies and debate outside these periods e. It is not necessary to know the exact date of a study but do know the decade in which it was produced. Do make your sociology more valid by being aware of current social and political events.