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8 Ways to Honor Our Elders
  1. How China respects its elders
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How China respects its elders

I was fortunate to have grown up with a mother who was vibrant, loving and engaged with her family, friends and community. My mother, Miriam Friedlander, lived life to its fullest until the last week of her life in , when she passed away at the age of She overcame many obstacles, experienced much joy and had many interests and passions including social action, politics, education, the arts, cooking, writing poetry, volunteering and travel. My interest in being fully engaged in life and in the community — and my affinity for writing was inspired by my mother.

And so was my positive attitude about aging. When I decided to devote more time to volunteering, I searched for an organization in the community that would be a good match. Elders in Action was a natural. After meeting with staff, I realized that one way I could contribute was by collaborating with the Elders in Action team to help write and edit their blog.

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We look forward to receiving personal writing from you that speaks to personal, community and societal issues facing older adults. Please send us feedback so we can provide you with the type of information you want.

Respect for Elders

We encourage you to email us at info eldersinaction. They are treated as if they are just ignorant helpless objects. If we took a second to think about the things that these incredible people have been through and the lives they have lived we would have a much different attitude towards them.

Attitudes Towards Older People Essay - Words | Bartleby

I know many elderly people who are truly amazing human beings. My grandparents are two of the nicest and most respectable people that I know. My grandfather made it through two depressions on a very low salary while supporting five kids and my grandmother. My grandma and grandpa were only one of many other families that survived through these hard times.

They have been through the best and worst of times. We should treat them like they deserve to be treated: with respect and admiration. I can only hope that one day I amount to what my grandparents have and look back at my life knowing that I made it through the things that they made it through.

My grandparents are my heroes and I will forever be respectful to them and treat them with love and admiration just as all of our elders should be treated.

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